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  • 24, Sep 2017
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Decorations play an important role in a marriage. A fascinating decor may be a normal marriage turn into a losing one, making it a larger than life affair. Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and rich culture, and thus the device must give the grandeur of the ceremony.

A perfect backdrop to a magical touch to display the event, making it a night to remember. However, before making a final decision, should make one look at different aspects in order to be the talk of the town. Innovation leads to perfection, always trying to plan your wedding decor with creative ideas, keeping a track of the latest trends to give a look that you desire. We have tried to list a few aspects that need attention to make your wedding venue fascinating and captivating. Read more.


Flowers always find a place in the list of decorating items, when it comes to Indian wedding decor. The use of flowers is a popular trend in Indian marriages since ages. They are widely used because they are considered a cheerful atmosphere spread throughout the environment, making it more enjoyable. All flowers have different characteristics and applied accordingly. While roses are considered classics, tulips renew the environment with its aroma and lilacs give an elegant touch. All flowers are used in the synchronization with other aspects, such as the stage decor, wedding theme, the color of the atmosphere, etc. artificial flowers in combination with the real can be used strategically to give the venue an elegant look. Ask your florist to set an example for the big day and try to impose your own ideas to make it look stylish and beautiful.


Without proper lighting, marriage apparatus can not be completed. While the lighting on location, must provide the theme of the wedding. Judging by the latest trends, candles and lanterns are becoming very popular in Indian weddings. Using these two elements to light up the wedding venue provides a stunning and elegant look. Apart from these, there are many other ways to light on the spot to make it beautiful. Even electric lamps are used these days as a part of the wedding decor, giving it a unique look. Lighting should be designed in a way to give to cover up the empty spaces around the venue breathtaking views.

Seating Arrangements

While planning the seating arrangement, it must be ensured in providing ample seating for your guests. The seating arrangement should be plush and stylish too. While the dress banquet chairs, make sure you do it with fine linen, that are not damaged or cracked. You can get various other elements such as sash, ribbons, flowers or use crystals to make the scheme more trendy. Can be used even badges and fringes, which gives the whole room a unique look.


Indian weddings are known for the use of vibrant colors. Rangolis, a colorful piece of artwork in different traditions is a habit that the use of color means in an Indian wedding. Aside from that, colors can be used in several other elements used for the wedding. Balls of flowers for bedding, color can be used to the wedding venue look beautiful and lively. The recent vogue indicates that pastels and soft colors are really in for wedding decor. You can try using different shades of the same color to the wedding venue give stunning looks. To ensure that the color is the same for everyone, from invitation cards to agents may represent a perfect example of a great Indian wedding.

Food counter

Food presentation is an art, and if radiated with perfection, it can do wonders. It is of great importance to take layout for the food, in order to maintain the quality of the marriage decor. Having a live counter can rise to the elegance of the decor. But make sure that the head cook is presentable enough and uses techniques creatively. This way your guest will get more engaged and the wedding will become a subject of discussion, even after a decade.


Last but not the least; Music plays an important role in an Indian wedding. Without music, an Indian wedding is not complete. Besides traditional musical ceremony, which takes place in Indian weddings, music is played to entertain the guests. You can either live music or a DJ to carry out on the wedding day, making it an extravagant affair. Moreover partying half enjoyed if there is no music and dance.

With all these aspects in place, your wedding is going to come a celebrated occasion for many years. Make sure everything is in place so that nothing ruins your plans to make your big day a grand affair.

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